We (bears and wild life) are the first in Slovenia who organized this unique service – observation of the bear from his cave. Meeting with a wild animal in its natural habitat is certainly memorable, extraordinary experience. Can you imagine seeing a bear from his own perspective? Our observatory provides an observation, in which you can see a bear from “eye to eye” perspective.

Observation from the cave is extraordinary and incomparable, and certainly the first such activity in Slovenia.

With an experienced guide you go on a trip in the bears cave. This observatory is built according to the principle of the bears cave in the floor. The floor observatory accepts from 2 to 5 observers and is equipped with vents, so that the bear does not smell any human scents.

Let adrenalin take over, dismiss your retains and be a bear. In the cave observation, you will experience the adventuristic, exciting, primal and adrenalin filled experience which you will not forget. For you we will also prepare a snack which you will take with you to the bear cave and have a tasty snack with the local and homemade cuisine.

Sleeping in the bear cave

In the price is included :

  • – transfer from the meetin point to the observation and back
  • – dinner package
  • – sleeping bag
  • – bear observation from 17.00 pm – 8.00 am
  • checking the real bear den

Price : 170€/per person

Bear observation from the cave

(without sleeping)

In the price is included :

  • – transfer from the meetig point  to the observation and back
  • – bear watching from 16.00-22.00

Price : 120€/per person

Bear watching



Bear observing is possible from 30.4. – 15.10. It starts at 16:00 and last until 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Without reservation in advance, the participation is not possible. RESERVATION MUST BE MADE 24 HOURS BEFORE THE TOUR. For bear observation, please fill out the form below.  After that, you will get all the information you need on your e-mail address (the location where we will meet – the GPS coordinates, time, and rules of conduct, how you should be dressed etc.).

Please make a note that this is an observation of wild animals in the wild. Therefore, a great discipline is needed. The tour is not suitable for minors.

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