<span>WILD CYCLING DAY</span>


If we want to see, we have to look with the heart, if we want to experience it, then we need to cycle. The daring drops between genuine stretches and strenuous ascents. It is distinguished by the Slovenian nature. Get on with us, we will take you on unmarked routes, enjoy wild bathing, eat local food, have a look at the night life of the beast, jump into peasant life and experience Slovenia in its most beautiful form.

Visit Slovenia, join Bears and wild life and enjoy authenticity.

Why join us:

*  Because we will lead you along the most beautiful undiscovered paths;
* We showed you why the Slovenian forest is the only one in which there are 3 large beasts (wolf, lynx and bear);
* Enjoyed Slovenian cuisine with local people;
* You will have  private swimming pool;
* Jump into the life of farmers;
* Above all, they take care of your unforgettable experience.




<span>WILD CYCLING DAY</span>


Trail 3 lakes:

Time 8 hours with stops 30km

Trail wild choise:

Time 8 hours with stops 45km

Trail of land scape:

Time 8 hours with stops 40km

Costume made :

Write us, we will made it only for you.

<span>WILD CYCLING DAY</span>

min. 2 people
max. 10 people

<span>WILD CYCLING DAY</span>


The offer includes:

organization and execution of the excursion,  snack, lunch

Possibility of renting bicycles

Possibility of a camping

  • 2- 3    90€/person
  • 4-5     75€/person
  • 6-10   65€/person
<span>WILD CYCLING DAY</span>

Bike ( or we can provide it for you)




Reservation for WILD CYCLING DAY

Without reservation in advance, the participation is not possible. For Wild cycling day , please fill out the form below. After that, you will get all the information you need on your e-mail address (the location where we will meet – the GPS coordinates, time, and rules of conduct, how you should be dressed etc.).

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